The Zentila Short List Date has them wishing and wondering.

Posted by Patty Meister

May 13, 2013 4:17:00 PM

A big part of why Zentila is able to deliver such awesome hotel offers is that we understand how hotels salespeople think – heck, I used to be one. So we built Zentila with some real hotel sales “rocket fuel” to motivate sales managers to drop everything and respond to a Zentila RFP before any others.

One big bucket of rocket fuel comes from your Zentila Short List Date.

This is the date that you select to tell the hotels whether their proposal is good enough to stay in the deal. It narrows the results. That’s some powerful stuff to a hotel sales person. They’re more motivated than ever to respond with just the right proposal or – ZAP – they could be out. And it gets so much better.


(You wanna see a short list? This is the shortest list in the world. Done!)


In negotiation; as in life, it’s all about timing.

The Short List is especially important right now. We talk with so many hotel sales managers every week, and what we’re hearing is that the market is “firming up.” Hotels are getting more confident that the meetings market is coming back, so they’re more likely to stand firm on their proposals.

This is where the Short List changes things. When you use Zentila to tell your chosen hotels, “You’ve made my Short List,” they kick into a second level of competition. Sales managers are naturally very competitive. When they know that they’re in the “final round,” they pull out all the stops. And that’s the right time to negotiate — when they’re so close to winning your business that they can almost taste it.

The Short List is built into the Zentila process. So put it to work for your upcoming meetings, and see for yourself how it will improve your negotiations.

Next week I’ll talk about how the Short List helps you manage your internal clients and decision-makers.

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